The Creation Of A Design

Are you really good at design? if it is yes, then how sure the meaning of the design is delivered? That is actually such a really simple question. How the process that a design has been through will be counted as how the message is actually delivered. Some designs are just processed in such really short period of time. it is made or created instantly. It is because the design is needed quickly and sometimes the message is not delivered very well. that is bad actually. but some others are really good.

How can we manage to get everything good in design? the answer is the process. design is a result of a thought. In creating a design, a designer needs to be in charge completely. The customers or the one who needs the design will only give the designer the requirements. Once the requirements are delivered, then there should be no such kind of intervention. The less intervention the designer has, the more accurate the message of the design can be delivered. It is because a design is the work of art. It is the act of the feeling and expressions.

There are so many elements that need to be considered when creating a design. the colors are the number one element. The shape, line, size, scale, space, texture and also value are the elements that will complete the colors. Designers will ask themselves how to combine all of those things as the first step. Each kind of elements needs to be combined to create specific purposes. The purposes are used as the basic theme or topic. The topic or the theme will be used as the basis to create any kind of combination. The composition, photos or the typography that are selected will support the theme or the topic. Once it is combined well, the message can be delivered accurately and precisely.